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EDITORS: Geoffrey Symcox, General Editor (UCLA); Luciano Formisano, Philological Editor (University of Bologna); Blair Sullivan, Associate Editor (UCLA).
EDITORIAL BOARD: Michael J. B. Allen (UCLA); Teofilo F. Ruiz (UCLA); Norman J. W. Thrower (UCLA); Edward Tuttle (UCLA).
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The Repertorium Columbianum is a collection of contemporary sources relating to Columbus's four voyages and the interpenetration of the hitherto separate worlds that resulted from them. This multivolume series provides in readily accessible form the basic documents that are the starting point for research into this pivotal moment in world history; they form the indispensable tools for all scholarly inquiry into the encounter. The series provides accurate editions of the essential texts in their original languages for the use of specialists, while at the same time making them available to students and scholars in related fields through parallel translations into modern English. Each text is preceded by a historical and philological introduction; the text appears with comprehensive lists of textual variants at the foot of the page, supplemented by a detailed commentary and a glossary of problematic terms.

The scope of the Repertorium Columbianum is limited to sources from the period between Columbus's first voyage and the Spanish conquest of Mexico in 1519–1521, although certain volumes, by their nature, extend the chronological range of the series beyond these dates. The original Columbian ventures were international in conception and execution, and in this same spirit the Repertorium Columbianum is an international undertaking. The contributing scholars were drawn from both sides of the Atlantic, and the costs were borne with the help of generous funding from the Ahmanson Foundation and the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Italian Comitato Nazionale per le Celebrazioni del V Centenario della Scoperta dell'America, and the Spanish Sociedad Estatal para la Ejecución de Programas del Quinto Centenario. The administrative and editorial work was performed by the UCLA Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies. Volumes 1 through 3 of the series were originally published by the University of California Press. Volumes 4 through 13 are published by Brepols in Turnhout, Belgium (

[The portrait of Columbus is owned by the Pegli Naval Museum of Genoa.]


VOLUME 1: We People Here: Nahuatl Accounts of the Conquest of Mexico (University of California Press 1993; repr. Wipf and Stock Publishers 2004, ISBN 1-59244-681-7; $27.20; to order)

VOLUME 2: The Book of Privileges Issued to Christopher Columbus by King Fernando and Queen Isabel (University of California Press 1996; repr. Wipf and Stock Publishers 2004, ISBN 1-59244-675-2; $36.00; to order)

VOLUME 3:The Book of Prophecies Edited by Christopher Columbus (University of California Press 1997; repr. Wipf and Stock Publishers 2004, ISBN 1-59244-648-5; $32.80; to order)

VOLUME 4: Christopher Columbus and His Family: The Genoese and Ligurian Documents (Brepols 1998, ISBN 2-503-50740-9, 68 euros; to order)

VOLUME 5: Selections from Peter Martyr (Brepols 1998, ISBN 2-503-50790-5, 68 euros; to order)

VOLUME 6: A Synoptic Edition of the Log of Columbus's First Voyage (Brepols 1999; ISBN 2-503-50873-1, 88 euros; to order)

VOLUME 7: Las Casas on Columbus: The Second and Fourth Voyages (Brepols 1999, ISBN 2-503-50883-9, 74 euros; to order)

VOLUME 8: Testimonies from the Columbian Lawsuits (Brepols 2000, ISBN 2-503-51028-0, 80 euros; to order)

VOLUME 9: Oviedo on Columbus (Brepols 2000, ISBN 2-503-51029-9, 50 euros; to order)

VOLUME 10: Italian Reports on America, 1493–1522: Letters, Dispatches, and Papal Bulls (Brepols 2001, ISBN 2-503-51180-5, 50 euros; to order)

VOLUME 11: Las Casas on Columbus: The Third Voyage (Brepols 2001, ISBN 2-503-51181-3, 70 euros; to order)

VOLUME 12: Italian Reports on America, 1493–1522: Accounts by Contemporary Observers (Brepols 2002, ISBN 2-503-51403-0, 70 euros; to order)

VOLUME 13: The History of the Life and Deeds of the Admiral Don Christopher Columbus Attribauted to His Son Fernando Colón (Brepols 2004, ISBN 2-503-52192-4, 80 euros; to order)


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