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St. Gall Project

Since 2005, CMRS has been the administrative home to the St. Gall project. The project's departure point is an extraordinary drawing of an ideal monastery, known as the Plan of St. Gall. Created in the early ninth century, the Plan is the oldest surviving visualization of a building complex produced in the Middle Ages, containing ground plans for some forty buildings, ranging from a church, monastic school, abbot's residence, and infirmary, to such mundane elements as a water mill, stables, and poultry houses. The project has been generously supported by grants from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

St. Gall ProjectLeft to right: Prof. Patrick Geary (History, UCLA), Prof. Karl Brunner (Director, Institute for Historical Research, Vienna), Dr. Barbara Schedl (CMRS VR Coordinator, UCLA), and Dr. Peter Erhat (Associate Director, St. Gall Monastic Archives).

The first phase of the project (2005-2008) was directed by former CMRS Director Professor Patrick Geary (History, UCLA) and Professor Bernard Frischer, former UCLA professor and current Director of the University of Virginia's Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities. The central product of this phase is a digital reproduction of the Plan, including searchable indices of its buildings and their notations. Complimenting the Plan itself are a series of material culture databases which provide information about actual Carolingian monastic complexes, including ground plans of known buildings and objects used in monastic life. Other resources provided include 2-D and 3-D models for reconstructions of the Plan's monastery, bibliography on the Plan and Carolingian culture, and full texts of important works on the Plan of St. Gall and Carolingian monasticism (Horn & Born's Plan of St. Gall, Jacobsen's Klosterplan von St. Gallen, and Hildemar's Expositio Regulae). This phase of the project was carried out by UCLA graduate students under the guidance of Dr. Barbara Schedl.

Julian HendrixDr. Julian Hendrix, Phase 2 Project Manager

The second phase of the project (2008-2012) is directed by Professor Geary. The central task of this phase is to digitally reconstruct the libraries of Reichenau and St. Gall. During 2008-2009, a feasibility study was conducted which established the technical, scholarly and fiscal requirements for this task, and digitized 30 manuscripts from Reichenau now held at the Karlsruhe Badische Landesbibliothek.


Richard Matthew Pollard

Dr. Richard Matthew Pollard, Manuscript Specialist

From 2009-2012, the manuscript database is being expanded and will contain 170 manuscripts Carolingian manuscripts associated with one of the monasteries. In addition to high-resolution images of each page, metadata is provided for each manuscript, including a table of contents, basic bibliography on the manuscript itself and the texts it contains, and a codicological description. This phase of the project was managed by Dr. Julian Hendrix and carried out by Dr. Richard Pollard, Dr. Joshua Westgard, and UCLA graduate students.

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Joshua A. WestgardDr. Joshua A. Westgard, Manuscript Specialist










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