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Graduate Students

Welcome to the CMRS Graduate Student Web Resource. This website serves UCLA graduate students interested in any aspect of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Specifically, you will find:

  • An ever-growing list of medieval and Renaissance teaching resources.
  • Job-placement facts about UCLA med/Ren alumni.
  • Awards for med/Ren graduate students.

Image of Christine de Pizan Writing. MS. Harley 4431, f.4R. French, 15th century; British Library, London.

About Us

The CMRS Graduate Student Website was made possible by an Interdisciplinary Research Grant from the UCLA Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

Karina Marie Ash just returned to UCLA from a research year abroad in Germany.  She will be teaching for the Department of Germanic Languages as she finishes her dissertation, Constructing Femininity in an Age of Celibacy, under the direction of James A. Schultz this year.  She is happy to answer questions from grad students interested in medieval German, French and Latin literature, as well as for students applying for CARA, DAAD, and UCLA language acquisition and research stipends.

Katherine McLoone is a doctoral student in the Department of Comparative Literature. She has recently begun work on her dissertation, under the direction of Zrinka Stahuljak and Massimo Ciavolella; it is tentatively titled The Translation of Otherworlds and Underworlds in Medieval Romance. In addition to her academic work, Katherine is interested in fostering interdisciplinary exchange among med/Ren graduate students at UCLA, and is happy to answer any questions from prospective or current graduate students about teaching, service, or research at UCLA.

Jennifer A. T. Smith (past recipient) is a doctoral student in the Department of English where she specializes in medieval rhetoric, orthodoxy, and metrics.  She is currently serving her second year as a Graduate Student Committee Member for the Medieval Academy of America and as Graduate Teaching Consultant for the Department of English at UCLA.

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