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The call for applications for Fernand Braudel IFER September 2014, is available online at http://www.fmsh.fr/fr/c/1295.  Through this program non-French researchers in any humanities and social sciences discipline may apply for support for 9 months of collaborative work with a French research project or affiliated project elsewhere in Europe.

Applications are made online only (beginning September 1 midday GMT until September 30 midnight GMT) at http://www.fmsh.fr/en/c/4171.

The Mediterranean Seminar/UC Multi-Campus Research Project continues to offer stipends for University of California faculty and graduate students to travel to present papers relating to the study of the Mediterranean at academic meetings. Applicants may apply for up to $400; preference will be given to graduate students and untenured faculty who have attended at least one UC MRP workshop, and to papers which take theoretical or comparative approaches. Subject to funding availability and the discretion of the project larger grants for international travel may be awarded. Applications will be accepted three times per year, with deadlines on 1 January, 1 May and 1 September. Applications should include an abstract of the proposed paper, confirmation that it has been accepted for presentation, a proposed budget, and a list of funding received and/or applied for. Awards will be subject to the discretion of the UCMRP to budgetary considerations. Successful applicants will agree to acknowledge the support of UCMRP in any publication that develops from the paper or presentation in question.

Inquiries should be directed to mailbox@mediterraneanseminar.org

The Richard III Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-for-profit international educational organization devoted to the study of the life and times of Richard Plantagenet (1452-1485).

    The Foundation is pleased to offer two Scholarships:
  • The Richard III Foundation Scholarship is awarded annually to a student registered for a higher degree whose work is based on late medieval English relative to the Yorkist period, work relevant to the life and reign of King Richard III. Applications will be considered from graduate students at all stages of study, including doctoral candidates who are seeking to fund an extension period. Past recipients include: David Santiuste, author of Edward IV and the Wars of the Roses; Lucy Rhymer and Jackson Armstrong, now both teaching at major universities; Jennifer Ledfors, now a researcher at Royal Holloway, University of London; and Carolyn Donohue, who is now teaching at the University of York.
  • The John Davey Research Grant was established to assist local historians and independent scholars with their research costs. The Richard III Foundation Inc. is offering a research grant to assist those who are seeking financial aid. The grant is solely for the local historian and independent scholars. The grant is open to any applicant whose work is relevant to late medieval English topics relative to the Yorkist period or work relevant to the life and reign of King Richard III.

Applications for both the Scholarship and the Research Grant are accepted through June 30th. For further information and application materials please contact R3FoundationScholarship@yahoo.com

The Leonard E. Boyle Dissertation Prize for Medieval Studies is awarded to a deserving doctoral thesis in any field of medieval studies completed at a Canadian university or by a Canadian citizen at a university abroad. Entries are adjudicated by the Dissertation Prize Committee, a subcommittee of the Canadian Society of Medievalists, and the prize will be presented at the annual meeting of the Society. The Prize itself consists of a cash award as well as a membership in the Society for three years. Members automatically receive copies of the joumal Florilegium and the newsletter

Dr. Elizabeth Edwards
Contemporay Studies Programme
University of King's College
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Inquiries by email may be sent to Elizabeth.Edwards@ukings.ns.ca. Canadians who have completed their theses at foreign institutions must also provide proof of citizenship.

Heckman Research Stipends
Hill Museum & Manuscript Library

Saint John’s University, Collegeville, Minnesota 56321

Heckman Stipends, made possible by the A.A. Heckman Endowed Fund, are awarded semi-annually. Up to 10 stipends in amounts up to $2,000 are available each year. Funds may be applied toward travel to and from Collegeville, housing and meals at Saint John’s University, and costs related to duplication of HMML’s microfilm or digital resources. The Stipend may be supplemented by other sources of funding but may not be held simultaneously with another HMML Stipend or Fellowship. Holders of the Stipend must wait at least two years before applying again.

The program is specifically intended to help scholars who have not yet established themselves professionally and whose research cannot progress satisfactorily without consulting materials to be found in the collections of the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library.

Applications must be submitted by April 15 for residencies between July and December of the same year, or by November 15 for residencies between January and June of the following year.

Applicants are asked to provide:
• a letter of application with current contact information, the title of the project, length of the proposed residency at HMML and its projected dates, and the amount requested (up to $2,000)
• a description of the project to be pursued, with an explanation of how HMML’s resources are essential to its successful completion of the project; applicants are advised to be as specific as possible about which resources will be needed (maximum length: 1,000 words)
• an updated curriculum vitae
• a confidential letter of recommendation to be sent directly to HMML by an advisor, thesis director, mentor, or, in the case of postdoctoral candidates, a colleague who is a good judge of the applicant's work
Please send all materials as email attachments to: fellowships@hmml.org, with “Heckman Stipend” in the subject line. Questions about the Stipends may be sent to the same address.

The Sherry L. Reames Graduate Student Travel Award for Hagiographical Studies

The Hagiography Society is pleased to invite applications for the Sherry L.
Reames Graduate Student Travel Award for Hagiographical Studies. Named in honor of the beloved founder and long-time leader of the Society, the award provides $500 to be used toward travel to present at the International Congress on Medieval Studies, held annually at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, MI.

Students enrolled in a graduate program (anywhere in the world) are eligible to apply if their paper, on a topic involving hagiography, has been accepted for inclusion in the program of the International Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo, MI, at the time of application.  Preference may be given to Hagiography Society members.

Please submit the following documents (combined in a single PDF) by November
to the Secretary/Treasurer of the Hagiography Society:

  • a current curriculum vitæ
  • the abstract for the accepted paper, identifying the panel on which it will be presented
  • a cover letter, addressing the following questions:
    • How does this paper fit into your scholarly trajectory?
    • Have you presented at a scholarly conference before?
    • Have you received other funding for travel (this paper or others)?

Send to www.hagiographysociety.org. Successful applicants will be informed of the results by December 15.

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