Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, Oration & Conclusions
Brian P. Copenhaver, Michael Allen, Calvin Normore (in progress)






Pico’s 900 Conclusions, which he published in 1486, will appear with his Oration in the first volume of Pico’s Opera omnia in Harvard’s I Tatti Renaissance Library, edited and translated by Copenhaver, Michael Allen and Calvin Normore. The  translation of the Oration by Copenhaver is complete in draft. Also included here are Copenhaver’s drafts of 173 of the Conclusions, which Pico grouped in the following categories: Hermes Trismegistus, Chaldaean Oracles, Pythagoras, Plotinus, Simplicius and Cabala. The famous Oration has been translated many times into English, but never before with a critical edition of the Latin text and full notes. The one English and one Italian version of the Conclusions are both defective. The largest number of Conclusions (119 of 900) was labeled by Pico as Cabalist, but no edition of the Conclusions has ever made sense of them. The ITRL edition, building on Wirszubski’s work and recent research by Copenhaver, will be the first to do so.