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Past Visiting Scholars

Information about applying to become a CMRS Visiting Scholar can be found here.

John McManamon (Professor of History, Loyola University, Chicago); 2011-12

Feifei Ding (Lecturer, Foreign Languages Department, University of Science and Technology, China); 2010-11

John McManamon (Professor of History, Loyola University, Chicago); 2010-11

Erika Rummel (Adjunct Professor, University of Toronto); 2010-11

Courtney Booker (Associate Professor of History, University of British Columbia); 2009-10

Erika Rummel (Adjunct Professor, University of Toronto); 2009-10

François-Xavier Gleyzon (Assistant Professor of Renaissance Literature, Qatar University) is working on an interdisciplinary study of religion and politics in Shakespeare’s tragedies. In addition to close readings of specific plays, he is also examining visual artifacts such as paintings, engravings, maps, and religious imagery, for the insights they can provide into the political theology underlying Shakespeare’s works and times. Winter 2009

Jovino Miroy (Assistant Professor in Philosophy, Ateneo de Manila University) studied the later philosophy of Nicholas of Cusa (1401-1464) and utilized critical editions of Nicholas’s works as well as other documents in UCLA’s libraries. Spring 2009.

Byung-Yong Kim (Associate Professor of Medieval History, Chosun University, Gwangju, Korea) utilized the university’s libraries and other resources for research on the topic of memorial donation in the Salian dynasty in the eleventh century. 2008

Carole Frick (Professor of History at Southern Illinois University) studied archival documents at UCLA, including a collection of personal letters between three generations of women belonging to Renaissance Italy’s powerful Medici family, that are among the holdings of the Department of Special Collections in UCLA’s Young Research Library. Fall 2008

Shu-hua Wang (Professor, Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, National I-Lan University, I-Lan, Taiwan) researched her current project “Shakespeare on the Chinese Stage,” and consulted with UCLA faculty members specializing in Shakespeare. Fall 2008

Erika Rummel (Adjunct Professor, University of Toronto) researched the correspondence of Wolfgang Capito and Percival Stockadale. Winter 2007

Vincent Novak (Dean of Graduate School of Religion, Religious Education at Fordham University). Winter and Spring 2005.

Anne Larson (Professor of French, Hope College, Holland, MI). Winter and Spring 2005

Clayton Lehmann (Professor of History, University of South Dakota). Spring and Summer 2004

Arthur M. Lesley (Associate Professor of Hebrew Language and Literature, Baltimore Hebrew University). Winter 2003 - Fall 2004

Shu-hua Wang (Head, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, National Chung Cheng University, Chia-yi, Taiwan). Summer and Fall 2002

Olaf Pluta (Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen, Faculteit der Filosofie). Winter and Spring 2002

Judith M. Bennett (Professor of History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill). Fall 2000 - Spring 2001

Cha-Seop Kwak (Associate Professor of History, Pusan National University, South Korea). Summer 2000 - Spring 2001

Diane Wolfthal (Associate Professor of Art History, Arizona State University). Summer 2000

Paul E. Chevedden (Visiting Associate Professor in History, Virginia Military Institute). Fall 1998 - Summer 1999

James Stephen Amelang (Universidad Autonoma, Madrid, Spain). Summer 1999.

A. Robert L. Bell (California State University, Long Beach). Winter - Summer 1999

Daniel Baraz (History, Hebrew University, Jerusalem). Spring 1998 - Spring 1999

Carroll Hilles (Assistant Professor of English, Union College, Schenectady, New York). Winter - Fall 1998

J. Mary Minty (Hebrew University, Jerusalem). Spring - Fall 1997

Marc-Andre Wiesman (Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, New York). Fall 1996 - Summer 1997


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