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Past Awards


Ahmanson Research Fellowship Recipients

Christiana Purdy Moudarres
Jane Raisch
Pippa Salonius


CMRS Romani Fellowship Recipients

Lindsay Johnson (Musicology)
Sara Torres (English)

Emily Selove (Near Eastern Languages and Cultures)
Antonio Zaldivar (History)

Katherine McLoone (Comparative Literature)
Kate Craig (History)

Marine Aykazyan (French and Francophone Studies)
Heather Sottong (Italian)


Lynn and Maude White Fellowship Recipients (awarded every other year)

Brittany Asaro (Italian), “A Critical Edition of Luc’Antonio Ridolfi’s Aretefila

Aaron Moreno (History), “The Arabicizing Christians of Medieval Iberia: Mozarabs and the Problem of Identity”

Leanne Good (History), transformation of the political, social, cultural, and physical landscape of 8th-century Bavaria.

Joshua Blander (Philosophy), “Scotus's Formal Distinction, the Trinity, and the Problem of Material Constitution”

Celine Dauverd (History), “Mediterranean Symbiotic Empire: The Genoese Trade Diaspora in Spanish Naples, 1510-1640”

Edna Yahil (History), “Outside the Walls of Paris: Law, Society, and Culture in France, 1400-1550”

Kristen Lee Over (Comparative Literature), “Literary and Cultural Identities: Kingship and Conquest in Medieval French and Welsh Arthurian Romance”

Courtney Booker (History), “The Politics of Plight: Representations of Adversity and Strategies for Coping in the Carolingian Realm”

Robert Romanchuk (Slavic Languages and Literatures), “The Textual Community of the Kirillo-Belozerskii Monastery”

Deborah Meister (English), “Martyrdom in the Renaissance and Early Seventeenth Century”

Matthew Vester (History), “Territorial Politics in the Savoyard Domains, 1536-1580”

Angelique Gulermovich (Folklore and Mythology), “War Goddess: The Morrígan and her Germano-Celtic Counterparts”

Victoria Hayne (English), “Performing Social Practice: Theatrical Representation of Social Convention and Conflict in Tudor Stuart Drama”

Aaron Michael Wintroub (History), “To Triumph in Paradise: The New World and the New Learning in the Royal Entry Festival of Henri II, Rouen, 1530”

Terry Lynn Nixon (History), “The Role of Audience in the Development of French Vernacular Literature in the Twelfth and Early Thirteenth Century”


Fredi Chiappelli Travel Fellowship Recipients

Aaron Moreno (History)
Naomi Pitamber (Art History)

Erica Westhoff (Italian): Travelled to Italy to complete archival research on Florentine politics and culture, particulary the work of 16th-century playwright Francesco Mercati.
Sarah Whitten (History): Travelled to Italy for research in the monastic libraries of Monte Cassino and the Abbey of the Holy Trinity of Cava and also, government archives in Capua and Benevento regarding judicial courts in southern Italy from the late 8th to early 11th century.

Edward Schoolman (History): Traveled to Ravenna to study the city, from its establishment as capital of the Western Roman Empire in 402 until its absorption into the Papal States in the 8th century.
Rita Emmanouilidou (Comparative Literature): Travelled to Venice to conduct archival research at the Archivo di Stato di Venezia on the 16th-century Cretan narrative poem Erotokritos and the political and intellectual exchange between Crete and Venice in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Francesca Kemitch (Italian): Traveled to France to study at the Bibliothèque nationale the influence of Italian comic theater on the work of the 16th-century playwright Pierre de Larivey.
Dana Polanichka (History): Traveled to Italy to examine the religious architecture of San Clemente, San Lorenzo, and the Sancta Sanctorum in Rome.
Emily Spratt (Art History): Traveled to Crete to study icons painted by local artists between the 16th and 18th centuries.

Cristina Toma (Art History): Traveled to Rhodes, Greece, to research cross-cultural relationships and artistic exchange between Italy and the Greek islands in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, focusing in particular on objects of everyday life.

Theodore K. Christov (Political Science) and Celine Dauverd (History), joint award: Traveled to Italy for research in the Neapolitan archives in conjunction with for their interdisciplinary project "Genoese and Spanish Theories of Empire in Early Modern Naples." They will present their preliminary research results at the "Wealth from the Sea Conference," organized by the Istituto Internazionale de Storia Economiaca F. Datini of Prato, in April 2005.
Jennifer Wehmeier (Art History): Traveled to Italy to do research in the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florence and the Bibliotheca Herziana in Rome for her dissertation, which examines the effect of the Italian peninsula's domination by Holy Roman Emperor Charles V after 1527, as seen in the artistic commissions of the newly dependent Italian princes.

Kate Bartel (Musicology): Traveled to Italy to visit the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, the Biblioteca Angelica, and the Biblioteca Vallicelliana in Rome to transcribe texts of sermons delivered in the fifteenth century, and to examine music manuscripts in Rome and Bologna.
Stacey Graham (History): Traveled to Italy for research in the Vatican Library in Rome, and the National Libraries in Turin, Lucca, Verona, and Naples to study the dissemination of North African texts to Europe, for her dissertation examining how the early Christian culture of north Africa was passed on to other parts of the western Mediterranean in late antiquity.

Fred Liers (Comparative Literature): Traveled to Florence and Arezzo to do archival research for his study of Michelangelo’s biographies and their relationship to the development of art biography in the Renaissance.
Petra Wirth (Italian): Traveled to Italy to conduct research in the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana in Venice, the Vatican Library in Rome, the Biblioteca e Musei Oliveriani in Pesaro, and the city archives in Cagli for a dissertation exploring the plays and correspondance of Bernardino Pino da Caglia (b. 1530).

Sergio Costola (Theater): Traveled to Italy for research related to his study of Ludovico Ariosto's plays. He is focusing in particular on a performance of I Suppositi at the carnival at Ferrara in 1509.
Loli Tsan (Art History): Traveled to Europe to examine autograph manuscripts of Boccaccio's Decameron as part of a study of the theme of bodily mutilation in twelfth- to fourteenth-century French and Italian literature.
Celine Dauverd (History): Traveled to Naples to do research in the city archives for her study of Viceroy Don Pedro de Toledo’s urban planning reforms of the sixteenth century.

Damian Bacich (Spanish and Portuguese): Traveled to Italy for research related to his study of León Hebreo’s Dialoghi d’Amore and its reception in Renaissance Spain.

Lisa Mora (Comparative Literature): Traveled to Perugia, Ferrara, and Rome to study medieval manuscripts containing the hagiographies of Santa Francesca Romana (1348-1440) and Eustochia of Messina (1434-1486). Ms. Mora’s dissertation examines the idea of textual authority as it relates to the mystical, feminine voice and the relationship of gender and the acts of writing and transcribing.
Maria De Prano (Art History): Traveled to Rome and Florence to study altar portraits, tomb reliefs, and other images commissioned to honor important events in the lives of three fifteenth-century Florentine women. Ms. De Prano is studying the way these women were commemorated to provide insight into the construction of gender roles in medieval Italy.

Rachel Bindman (History): Traveled to Rome to perform archival research at the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana and the Biblioteca Corsiniana. Ms. Bindman’s dissertation, "On the Natural Desire for Knowledge," examines the first Accademia de Lincei exploring the ways that it conforms to and contrasts with modern conceptions of a scientific community.
Russell Court (History): Traveled to Italy to examine documents related to the foreign activities of a small number of sixteenth-century Genoese families in order to gain insight into Genoa’s role in Europe’s economic and political evolution.


Fredi Chiappelli Memorial Fellowship Recipients

Peter Weller (Art History)


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